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Everyone loves a blue eyed girl Empty Everyone loves a blue eyed girl

Post by ~BrokenHeart~ on Sat Jan 21, 2012 2:24 pm

Name: Colors of the Wind (nickname: windy)
Age: 3
Gender: female
Breed: American Paint Horse/Mustang mix
Personality: likes to help others, but can be mean mean if she wants to, and is also very protective
History: Colors of the Wind's mom was a champion American Paint Horse barrel racer who lived at a fancy ranch by the plains. Her dad was a mustang stallion who roamed along the plains all alone. One day they met, and soon ran off together into the wild and had Colors of the Wind. One day when she was almost 3, they came across a herd with a powerful stallion as their leader. He came over and chased her dad away, but tried to take her and her mom. Her mom got away...but Colors of the Wind wasnt so lucky. The stallion roughly pushed her into his herd and would not let her escape. Her parents watched from a distance, but couldnt do anything. Then the stallion force bred her and tortured her in front of her parents. That's when her dad lost it. He came down and thrashed out at the stallion, but he was smaller and less powerful. Colors of the Wind could only watch in pain as the stallion killed her father. Her mother started to run away but the stallion got her too, and also force bred her. Now Colors of the Wind and her mom live miserably in the terrible stallions herd, both pregnant with his foals.
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