Daily Report

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Daily Report

Post by Tayssi on Sat Mar 03, 2012 5:23 am

So, I just randomly decided to put this up, for everyone to post ONCE a day on what they are feeling, whether they have muse, what your doing today and whether or not you'll be able to be on much during the day. Also, post the time/date of when you posted it from where you are.

Okay, so here's mine

Australia, Queensland
Saturday 3rd March
Mood: Very very tired
Muse: Non existent
Activities for today: Now? Bed.
What I did today: Not much. I babysat last night. was supposed to be from 3-3. ended up being, technically 10-11:30, but I was there from 7 till 8 in the morning. Was seriously pissed by that as I wasn't even needed. Came home at 8, spent all day with my dad and talking to Echo and Shiori. That's it. Oh and looking after guinea pigs and the baby rats.
Availability for today: Now not at all, as i'm going to bed

There we go, i'm done. Remember, this is basically just a daily report. No conversations or anything on here. Only one post per day, please.
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Re: Daily Report

Post by horsegodess on Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:53 pm

East coast, USA
july 25th, 2012
11:49 pm

Today i did sailing. that was okay. then i went for a quick swim with my mom down at the beach. i did a flip off the diving board, (a newly discovered talent of mine) and afterwards i road my bike down to bingo at the yaught club. i won pez. aftrwards, my friend had to bring home spars for her boat home but she was riding her bike. they come up with this halarious thing where she and her sister put the case handles around their arms and biked parelell side by side. it was halarious.

im not available cause im going to bed.
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