New and Old Bios

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New and Old Bios

Post by • Echo on Sun Apr 08, 2012 2:07 pm

Okay, so we've changed something: We're not deleting any of the old bios. So, instead, we just move all of the bios (for the most part) into the Archive section. That way you guys aren't losing any of your bios; you can still go through them, look at them, and see if you want to restart them. And right now, we'd like you all to go through the bios, find the ones that are active, and pm an Admin or Mod (DayDreamer or Echo), and ask us to move them into the correct, active folders in the bio sections. So, if any of your bios are "missing", they are not deleted, they are just in the Archive section. Let us know which ones you still use, and we will move them back for you.

~Echo .
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