A tragetic fall (Pg13)

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A tragetic fall (Pg13) Empty A tragetic fall (Pg13)

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 10, 2012 3:17 pm

A few teens go on a climbing trip and (my cherry) one takes a long fall breaking her legs and stuck out on a ledge while the others have run out of food and become lost, what's next?

Name: Elizabeth Jones (Eliza)
Gender: Chick
Age: 17
Personality: Eliza is a very determined girl with gleaming passion in her eyes and never gives up till she must. She is very sweat and
forgiving majority of the time. She is a loyal caring friend who will
always be by your side when you need her.
History: Mother died when she was little and her father went insane after her death. She now lives with her grand parents.
Appearance: Fiery red orange hair that looks like flames and has lighter and darker swirls twisting together. It's usually styled with spiral curls and blue streaks on the bangs. She is short and very fragile with friendly hazel eyes and a pearly white smile. She is well fit and has the outline of the being of a girl's six pack. Her muscles are nice and he packs a great punch.

Name: Arron mildstone
Gender: Guy
Age: 18
Arron is very flirty and loves messing with the girls, he is very
stupid and a reckless dare devil. And well just meet him.
His parents divorced when he was young and his mom took off to never
reappear in his life but he is growing fawn to his step mom though he
hates her, but not as much as his real mom. He saw his little sister get
murder before his eyes when he couldn't do anything to stop the care
but scream, "Hit the breaks!" And "No don't!" He blames himself greatly
for her deathly and is over protective of his newborn half sister and his
7 year old brother. He's distant with his older bro though.
Very tall and lean with muscles lining his body, he has a six pack. His
eyes are a mellow shade of brown almost making his dull silky short
black hair. He's not the kind of guy you really want to go around with
his arm muscles are huge.

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