Sea Dreams

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Sea Dreams

Post by Shadow-Walker on Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:45 pm

Name: Sea Dreams
Age: 3 years
Gender: mare
Breed: mustang
Looks: Sea Dreams is a mustang that has a white and chestnut pattern. Her face is completely white except for a few chestnut colored spots as well as a spot on her eye that looks like a hook.
Height: 16 hands
Personality: very loving and considerate. This mare can turn on your like the blink of your eye. She also has a past she doesntnlike talking about so warming up to her might take some time.

History: When dream was only a few months old her herd was rounded up by ranchers and driven to a very tight pen. They stayed like that for a few hours before the two-legged ones began separating the mares, stallions, and foals. Her mother, sister, and aunt were all taken away to tight pens where the people held metal rods that shined a bright orange-red. Soon after that you could smell the burnt fur and flesh from the horrible branding the humans did. In another pen she had seen ropes being thrown around the neck of her father as he fought back against them. His shrill and frantic neighs could be heard above everyone as they finally got him separated from the group and put in a small tall round pen. After days of being pushed branded and separated from family her and other horses were loaded onto a trailer that stunk with the stintch of death in it. TO BE CONTINUED IN TOPIC POST.
Other: she has recently lost her first foal, a colt, to a pack of wolves who killed him shortly after being born.

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