Hello... I'm back.

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Hello... I'm back. Empty Hello... I'm back.

Post by ❥ Destiny Styles on Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:13 pm

Hello peeps! I'm back. Yes, it's me. I had much previous names. My previous, previous one was... * S t a r c a t c h e r * I know no one really missed be, because I was pretty much a beoch back when I was here. I cursed people out, made them feel bad, apologized, did it again, and I know sorries won't probably work anymore, but I'll try anyway. I truly, madly, deeply, am sorry. Like, really. I was the girl to usually take out all their problems out on everyone online when I didn't have no one to take it out on. I had low self-esteem, was depressed, even cut myself and my experinces weren't fun. For some reason, when I turned thirteen this year, something changed. I don't know what but I am not any of those things above much anymore. I just came back and I'll roleplay when I can, but I'll just be ghosting around the site and seeing how everyone is doing. I promise to do my best to respect u all.

Love Ya,
❥ Destiny Styles
❥ Destiny Styles
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