A Little Secret Hello... shh... it's secret :3

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A Little Secret Hello... shh... it's secret :3

Post by dσvɛlʏ - ❤ on Tue Feb 26, 2013 6:55 pm

Hi My Name is.... Destiny (Do not give away your full name!)
I am... Thirteen years old
My Gender is... Um female.
My looks are... Up above
Height 5'5
Weight 110
Roleplayer semi-lit
Kinds of roleplays All kinds.. but I'm best at realistic
I love... food One Direction
A secret... I was here before. The drama starter of this site
Another secret... I'm sorry?
So this is goodbye..? I guess... O.O For now.
dσvɛlʏ - ❤
dσvɛlʏ - ❤
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