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I Need You!

Post by Emoticon on Fri Mar 15, 2013 8:01 pm

You may have noticed my little moving egg siggy thing. You may have noticed that it's empty now. I am horribly lost and becoming drowned in unnamed dragons D:, so I have stopped making eggs due to that and inactivity. By right now of this post, I have 21 unnamed dragons. I have like, 200 or something dragons, so it doesn't seem like much. But as I continue to go I will get so many unnamed dragons that I will just stop naming them. Don't want this to happen, so I'm wanting your help. Yes you!~

I'll give you a link for all the unnamed dragons. Give me a name for it, I'll see if it's good(If it's not like a horrible name or already taken). If you want I can give you credit for the name in the dragon's description, or on the name as long as your HI username isn't long. I prefer if it's not a name like 'Sparky' or "Glitter' or one worded names like that. Most of those names are taken, and if it's a sentence for a name or pretty long, I don't mind. Most of my dragon's names are 2 to 3 words long. Linages or breed don't matter, if you want to do that, it's fine. As long as it's not a red dragon named 'fire' or a water dragon 'blue' or anything like that. I'm kinda being picky I know, but the names take some time to think of when most of the ideas that pop in your head are already taken.

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