Seems Like This World Is Hell Too.[R]

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Seems Like This World Is Hell Too.[R]

Post by Emoticon on Fri Apr 12, 2013 2:54 pm

Louise Francesca Lucrezia

I'm stuck at 17.

Female, obviously.

I stand about 5''9', but I haven't weighed myself in a long time. I change my hair every few years but it is naturally dark red. My skin was light caramel, but over the thousands of years it has darkened. My eyes are icy blue; how I like them, but it has gained me attention. I can change my eyes like my hair, if you want me too.

When I was first created, He gave me a name. Of course I had a mission to do; but he never controlled my personality. The Devil wanted me to kill humans and collect their souls, usually corrupt ones. Sometimes he wanted me to just slaughter whole villages, or go and kill all the children in a town. He would never give me a reason for the killings, unless I asked. This is where I began to hate him the most, when I learned his motives. Usually they were payment for the evil sins that the soul would do. Other times though, they were a price someone had to pay. Like killing a man's eldest son for something that the man did. Or even the whole man's family, then himself. I didn't understand his reasoning, but I continued to do what he asked. Most of the time it was because I was hungry, or my hand was forced. He could be gentle, or He could be cruel. Whatever He felt like that day I had to deal with.

Back when I was first created, and many thousands of years after that, I was very close to Him. Not personally, but I did do a lot of His jobs. I was the last one He created, so I was the one that was looked down on. I was immortal with him, as so where the other things He created. I do think of myself as a Demon for the early part of my life, though sometimes I thought of myself as a Reaper. Heck, I even had a scythe. But as the time went on, I grew more powerful. I took on jobs hunting other races, hidden underneath the humans' radar. These creatures were much harder to kill, as I remember each one that I successfully hunted. A normal gun or any human weapon couldn't hurt me, so I was surprised to find out that a supernatural one could. It hit me in the gut, which stunned me. The creature ran before I could kill it. I wasn't punished, which spread the rumor that I was His favorite. The other Hunters, as I call them, were very jealous. But some of the creatures where even higher lifeforms, which took something special to kill.

Once He started calling us the Hunters, it became official. I was a modest rank, getting some perks while avoiding all the bad jobs. There were only 20 of us total, but the numbers started to drop. He was losing power, while many of the Hunters were gaining some. They fought with each other over souls, very powerful ones. Eventually the first act of betrayal happened when one of them killed the other in a fight. I always knew that we could be killed somehow, and the fact that we weren't exempt from death scared even elders. Most of them fled, leaving only five of us left. The killer was killed, of course. But He lost so much power that we had the opportunity to steal some of it. We all knew, but He didn't. Before I left, I was the second-most powerful Hunter there. But the most powerful one stole His power, causing him to run off. He would have to wait a long time to regain enough to kill the betrayer. Once he was gone, the rest of us four still had immortality. I was the smartest one, and ran off. Some of them joined together with the killer, some of them were killed themselves. Only one managed to escape like myself, one joined him, while the rest were killed. The ones that were fearful of death were immune to aging, and had some special traits and powers. The few of them that still live are hiding. I hid for a few centuries before it cooled down.

I don't really like to talk, since my words do kinda have some power to them. I can influence humans and animals with my words, though just a little bit. I use a notepad to talk, so in case things get really lengthy, I have a few in my backpack. I carry my black and blue backpack everywhere I go really. I am curious about what happens, and I do sorta follow trends of humans and supernaturals alike. I'm not a sadist or some crazy demon hell thing, since I am usually quite nice. Takes a lot for me to get angry, but when I get angry, I do kill the thing I get angry at. I can't help it though. I either kill it or they just die. I can be quite lonely sometimes, since I have a very high-pitched voice and can't hold a conversation.

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