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Believe in Yourself! Empty Believe in Yourself!

Post by Shadow-Walker on Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:00 am

This is for everyone who has been put down all their life, for everyone who have never believed in themselves, and for everyone who turned their back on the ones they love/loved.
Just remember this,
Whatever you or someone else has done to cause this pain can be reversed. You must believe in yourself and others to make it through the tough times. Give others the chance to show you the kindness that you deserve. Just the smallest piece of kindness can change a persons whole view on life and where/what they are gonna do in life.

This is for the people who have put you down your whole life, for the people who never believed in you, and for the people who have turned their backs on you in your darkest hours.
Just know this,
What they have said to you, what they have done to you, and what they could've done for you no longer matters.
You are who you are because of them, because of what they have done and said to you, you control your life.
What they have said to you was wrong, because of them you are no longer to see yourself as you want but you see yourself as they make you out to be.

For you to accomplish what you want to accomplish you must put every bit of hate and anger into something productive.
Write a poem, a story, help your friends with their troubles, anything good that you do will be rewarded in the long run.

Today and everyday after You Are In Charge Of Your Future, You Control What Goes On In Your Life, You Make Your Decisions.
If you have an enemy that used to be a friend, renew the friendship. You can never have to many friends, but you can always have an enemy for no reason.
When drama starts Do Not Pick Sides. If you pick a side nothing is going to get better, stay neutral that way you still have all your friends.

Last but no least follow this simple rule:
Without Peace there can be no love,unity or respect
Without Love there can be no peace, unity or respect
Without Unity there can be no resolve or respect
and Without Respect we can not have Peace, Love or Unity.

These four little words can change your life for ever as they did mine.

Peace- To be in peace with yourself and others, turn negative into positive.
Love- When you have peace you will be able to love everyone as an equal.
Unity- When you have Peace and Love then everyone and everything is untied into one and as an equal.
Respect- When you put all three together you will create Respect for everyone, you will be able to see the goodness in people and not the bad, But most importantly you will be able to respect yourself.

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