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Post by P r o m i s e r on Sat Aug 31, 2013 2:02 pm

NOTE: Okay so I thought it'd be cool to do a Dog version of Warrior Cats. You can have three characters at the MAX. You may have random secondary characters, but only three main characters at the most.

Leader: Dodger
Nickname: Dodge. (Only those who are closest to him call him this.)
Age: 42 Moons. (3 1/2 years)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dodger is basically your everyday German Shepherd. He has the black on his back to his tail, and then he has that brown color. His underbelly is a lighter brown, and he has a strong and muscular build. Dodger stands 3'6" at the head, and from nose to tail he is 3'11" long. Dodger is 2'1" wide. His paws are about the size as tea plates. Dodger is a handsome brute, and his eyes are a warming milk chocolate brown. His teeth and claws are sharp, and dangerous weapons.
Personality: Dodger is strong and brave. He is a wise and a very smart Leader. As big and powerful and Dodger is, he is still lightning fast and quick on his feet. He may be young and a bit cocky at times, but he is no doubt a great Leader, and won't back out of a fight from anyone. Dodger is funny, and can be fairly sarcastic when he wants to be.
History: He grew up in RiverClan with his parents. His father Diablo was the Leader, and his mother Stella was a Warrior. Dodger had a brother named Jackson, and a sister named Shay. When RiverClan went into battle with ShadowClan, Diablo had been murdered, as was his mother. Dodger ran away, and was soon taken into ThunderClan. He was mentored by the Leader, Storm and soon Dodger became Deputy himself. Now he is the Leader.
Jewelry: Dodger wears a pair of dog tags around his neck. His father gave them to him.
Clan: ThunderClan
Mate: None yet
Pups: None
Lives: 2/10 (Since Dogs are awesome, they get 10 lives.)
Pic: Warriors: Dog Version. Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTpaUD_eAs4L9p0g2CVo9hU4hu3gFfV3WNSd7_ZL3soHGimHaSPJQ

Name: Rico
Age: 42 moons
Gender: Male
Appearance: A Rottweiler that stands at 3'5. He has a strong build.
Personality: Strong and brave. He isn't as strong as Dodger, but he is his best friend and most trusted warrior even if the Clan doesn't trust him since he was born in ShadowClan.
History: Find Out!
Jewelry: None
Clan: ThunderClan
Mate: None
Pups: None
Rank: Deputy
Pic: Warriors: Dog Version. Rottweiler-7

Name: Naomi
Nickname: Ni
Age: 40 moons
Gender: Female
Appearance: A white Siberian husky with piercing blue eyes. She stands at 3'3, and has a muscular build.
Personality: Strong and feisty. She is headstrong, and will speak her mind. Naomi doesn't take crap from others. She'll willingly attack you if you piss her off.
History: Too complicated.
Jewelry: Two feathers pierced in her right ear
Clan: ThunderClan
Mate: Good luck!
Pups: Don't have any, don't want any
Rank: Warrior
Pic: Warriors: Dog Version. Stunning_white_husky_by_welshtwilight-d31u6hn

Warriors(3 left)
Medicine Wolf(1)

I will start the RP once I get at least 2 more players with at least 1 or 2 characters! More people may join, but expect some mix ups because I'm not used to so many players in one RP. Because I really hate powerplay, I'm going to say do not kill or play my character unless you have permission! And if you have an idea for the RP, then PM me first. It is okay to mistake powerplay, or make mistakes, but I'd like you to do your best with grammar and powerplay. Anyone is welcome, as long as you aren't doing like one sentence each post.

-No powerplaying
-At least 2 lines per post if the topic is dead and drama-less.
-Please don't do posts that are so long to the point where my brain will fry
-Try to stay active!
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