The Forum's Copyright Rules for Images.

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The Forum's Copyright Rules for Images.

Post by themagus on Sat Sep 14, 2013 6:10 am

From now on some measure of credit will be applied to images, as followed;

- All images must be credited. For example: "original image belong to RandomArtist from RandomArtistSite."
-Images with any sign on ownership, stuff like watermarks and signatures must have a link pointing to a web page the image was taken from so others could the image's source and could contact or enter the artist's page.
-You must give credit even if you manipulated the image or changed it in some other way yourself, too.
-Images that will be found with no credit at all, unless they're done by you (in which case you should state so) will be deleted if no other solution will be found.

Basically, if you just put a link to the image's web page under the image it should be fine, and these rules won't apply to images that were posted before this was published.

I'll open a thread in the Other forum regarding this, if you have anything you want to say regarding the copyright matter please look for it.


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