Together, We Roam. (Draconis)

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Together, We Roam. (Draconis)

Post by Guardian Angel on Mon Sep 23, 2013 12:17 am

"Come along, baby. Just a little longer." Love cooed to her foal, encouraging him with a little bump of her soft mug. The young colt trailed along beside her, his steps a lot slower and less jumpier than they were earlier on in the day. He was growing tired and fast. The duet had been traveling for hours on end, trying to get out of their former herd's land before it was too late. Sun grunted and then whimpered as he tripped over a thin root that protruded up from the sneaky grass. Love gave him a sympathetic look and nuzzled his hide before guiding him onward. They were almost to the edge of the forest and then they would be in Rainbow Meadows.

"Through here?" the painted colt asked, stopping at the edge of the treeline and glancing up at his mother. He admired her and prized her. Even at only a young age, he knew she had done so much for him and that he needed to respect her. His little black eyes shone with adoration and love for her. Love nodded and shoved through first, the spiny branches scratching at her patched pelt. She pushed them aside when she felt it was safe and left him pass through. Both were embraced in a twilight welcome, the darkening sky dotted with stars seemed to beckon them into its arms. Love smiled and started forward, sighing at the wonderful feeling of the smooth grass against her tired legs. Sun even seemed to be a bit happier as he trotted a little ahead of her. For once, she wasn't worried about him wondering off. When they crested a small hill, Love took a moment to rest and gaze out around them at their surroundings. No other life forms resembling horses were present, but she knew smaller creatures were hunkering around below the grass and in the trees. "Let's find a good place to sleep, Sun." Love whispered, looking down at her child who stared at the vast expanse of meadow before him with big eyes. He slowly nodded his head and the two descended the hill together.

"Right here is nice." Sun commented as he stopped and turned to his dam. Love approached him and glanced around, noting the nice amount of trees and tall grasses. The tree tops would shelter them if it rained and the grass would keep her baby hidden. She was sure that they were perfectly safe within the Rainbow Meadows, but as a mother, she was always over protective. Sun yawned and lazily crumpled to his knees and flopped over onto his side. He sighed contently and closed his eyes, immediately letting his tired body drift away to dreamland. Love looked down upon him with loving eyes and watched him sleep for a few moments before she dropped her head and nuzzled him. "Sleep tight, baby." She whispered and then settled into a comfy position above him. Soon, she too was a sleep.
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