A Question For Everyone!(please look)

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A Question For Everyone!(please look) Empty A Question For Everyone!(please look)

Post by Tayssi on Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:34 pm

Hey guys, it's Tayy here

Due to this site slowly becoming inactive and barely any posts coming through except the odd occasional one, I was wondering if anyone knew of some other good RP sites??

I have just joined Iwaku recently and currently I have no RPs up, but it seems promising enough.

However, I am looking for some other RP sites..

So guys! What are other RP sites you guys use? I would love to know!

And so sorry guys! I am not biting your head off or being rude when I say barely any posts come in. I know you all have lives(it seems I'm the only one that doesn't) so I completely understand. It's just that I am itching to RP so yeah.. I need some sites hahahaha

AND NO! This does not mean I am quitting. No way. I will still come on here as much as I do now Razz Because I have no life, I have no school or job, so I've got nothing better to do..

Thanks guys!

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