Epona the great mare.

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Epona the great mare.

Post by redhead14 on Sat Feb 15, 2014 6:17 pm

Name: Epona Celtic for "great mare"
Age: 6
Gender: mare
Breed: Quarter Horse/ Arabian mix
Looks:refer to picture
Height: 15.4
Personality: gentle and sweet, but like any mare she can have a temper at times. calm and protective, not very trusting
History: mother was a champion barrel racer that escaped into the wild and mated with an Arabian stud. epona was the protector/ nurse of the foals in her fathers herd till she was 4, at 5 she left the herd to be on her own. now at age 6 she is looking for a herd or a stud to start a herd with.
Other: no mate and never had a foal...yet
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