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∞My Herd∞

Post by ∞Infinity∞ on Mon Mar 31, 2014 8:44 pm

Name: Saphira
Nick name: Saf
Breed: Quarter Horse X Andalusian
Age: 2
Eyes: Light Blue
Coat color: Light Grulla
Mane: Black and grey
Tail: Black
Head: Blaze
Body: none
Legs: back two legs, and front left leg white socks
Very sweet, but rude when she doesn't know you. She loves teasing stallions with her beauty. She has never been bred, nor wishes to be. She can be quite a handful. She is very feisty, and crazy. She loves to run, and fight.

Name: Kayla
Nick name: K or KK
Breed: Andalusian
Age: 2 and a half
Eyes: Mahogany Brown
Coat color: Buckskin
Mane: Black
Tail: Black
Head: White star
Body: None
Legs: two back legs, one white cornet
Personality: Very sassy, but sweet when she wants something. She is also sweet when she loves something, or someone. She loves to jump, and show off. She prides herself in her long wavy mane and tail, and her beautiful dapples.

Name: Rolland
Nick name: Whatever anyone calls him.
Breed: Spanish Mustang
Age: 5
Eyes: Steely Blue
Coat: Buckskin Paint
Mane: Black
Tail: Black
Head: Blaze
Body: Paint horse "obviously"
Legs: Front two legs white stockings
Fiery, and careful. Her is arrogant, and pretty selfish. He is a forcer, and a lover(Of the perfect mare). He loves to run in the rain, and be soaked. He likes doing stuff the hard way.
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