Alley Cats [OPEN!]

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Alley Cats [OPEN!]

Post by P r o m i s e r on Fri Oct 24, 2014 3:39 pm

Z a c k, B l a c k i e, a n d S a g e

Three cats stalked silently through the city streets, the concrete beneath their pads cool and rough. "This should be enough food, right Zack?" The smaller black tom asked, his pale yellow eyes meeting Zack's light green steadily. The bigger tom shrugged, "maybe so. A couple mice and a squirrel will keep our bellies satisfied for the night." He replied, nodding his head, then padding on down the street, the moonlight reflecting off of his glassy eyes. The silver she cat behind them sighed, staying in step next to Blackie, close behind Zack. Blackie carried a mouse in his jaws, a shiver running down his spine as the cold Autumn wind blew against him. Blackie stopped, shaking a bit. Zack turned around, blinking irritably. "Come on, Blackie. We're only a few minutes away from our alley!" He pushed, giving Blackie a nudge. The midnight black tom nodded, and followed Zack, with Sage at his side. Being the biggest and most experienced fighter, Zack was considered 'the leader', and instructed Blackie and Sage on what they were to do, regardless of weather conditions. Blackie's hopes lifted as they neared the alley, and he started to pad faster. "Let's get in there. It's about to rain." Zack growled, breaking out into a jog, Sage and Blackie close behind. Zack entered the alley, and approached the torn up blanket in the corner of the alley, where it was sheltered. He laid down, as did Sage and Blackie. Rain began to fall. Blackie huddled up closer to Zack, trying to keep warm, as his fur was the thinner than Sage's, and especially Zack's, whom had a thick warm pelt. "Eat up." Zack said to them. "You don't have to tell me twice." Sage growled, taking a bite out of her mouse. Blackie started eating, curling his tail around his hind legs. "If only we had one more cat who could help us through Winter. It's only a couple weeks away." Blackie muttered. Zack rolled his eyes. "We don't need the extra help. All we need is each other." He growled back. Blackie sighed, but said nothing, and continued eating.


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