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Name: Niq
Age: 26 yrs old
Gender: Male
Power: Shape Shifter
Shifter Body: Mountain Lion/Cougar/Puma

Human Form;
Grey Eyes
Dirty Blonde Hair

Niq is very unusual in both human form and his mountain lion form. He likes to keep to himself, but yet he doesn't like to be alone, he is always wanting to give attention to others even though he is a loner by heart and nature. If he sees something that catches his eye, instead of going to it and investigating it he follows what ever it is until he can't keep himself no longer. Just like a predator stalks its prey Niq is hardly ever seen.

Just like other shifters like himself Niq was born into what he thinks is both a gift and curse. He has other siblings but the power to shift was never passed to them, He was the only one to be born when his mother who was also a mountain lion shifter was in her given form. His first few years of life were nothing like a humans because he was born as a cub. After his mother was killed by a poacher who believed he had killed a notorious cougar he fled the outer skirts of the forest and moved so far into the forest that the humans had never laid eyes on his paradise.

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