Voodoo Gost Town (Rating?)

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Voodoo Gost Town (Rating?)

Post by WildSoul on Sun May 17, 2015 9:54 am

(I will put a rating once I see where this thead goes. :/ )

The sound of heels hitting concrete filled the still air, the town still minus a single girl. Not giving a crap she blasted her music so loud you could hear it coming from her earphones, singing the lyrics with a passion. "Stick a needle in my eyes so I can finally, CRYYYY!" Her voice far from some angel, unless it was an angel of death and misery, that is. She wore black hilled boots that went to her knees with Jack Skellington leggings covering up the gab between them and her tiny black skirt. It was layered with lace and on it's own hardly covered her up. Her shirt was a loose fitting band t-shirt for My Chemical Romance that showed off the scars on her wrists for all to see. Some were more jagged and deep than others, while most ran smoothly over her skin.

She had a dead look in her eyes as she spotted the school, her bookbag hanging off a covered shoulder. Emma halted, slouching, and frowned. Dark red lips pulled in a deep breath as she closed her eyes momentailry than released. Her belly churned and she could feel the panick attack coming on, clenching her fist she told herself, "No, you can do this." Then shakily she opened her lids to stare at the building and march on up the steps with false cofidence. Her mask of hapiness plastered onto her pretty little face like normal.

Emy pushed open the door to be greeted with gasps, stares, and laughter. Her heart pounded within her chest as aniexty consumed her as she stood frozen solid, feet planted to the floor, how was she supposed to go to a new high school?! Who'd like a sliced up, screwed up, stupid freshman?! A little squeal left her mouth barely audible. Fear racked her body as the people around her seemed to transorm into her attackers. Tears welled up, ready to spill over, as she begun to back up. The wolf hat she'd been wearing slipped off her head revealing headphones as she turned to run away. The snickering echoed in her ears...

"Mrs.Dove!!! Come back!" A teacher called out to the escaping teenager.

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