An Odd Trait Of Alpha [R] [redhead14]

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Re: An Odd Trait Of Alpha [R] [redhead14]

Post by redhead14 on Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:33 am

Edon was sat neck to Durnal as he watched his mother interact with Raven. He did not understand what was going on, but knew to stay neck to Durnal like his mother instructed him. Which meant when the massive alpha got up and walked over to the two, Edon was on his heels following closely behind. Nova's orbs glanced from Raven to Durnal and Edon approaching, the fea's body relax as she watched the two. Edon trotted over to his mother standing closely to her side leaning into her front leg as his ash grey eyes watched Durnal and Raven. Nova look from her own pup to Raven, smiling at the pups apology " all is forgiven Raven" She said before giving Edon a nudge. The Auburn pup looked from his mother to Durnal to Raven "I'm sorry as well for not respecting your personal space." Edon said as he looked at the older pup before looking away being shy.
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