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Post by Blueroanie on Fri Apr 15, 2011 12:25 pm

Sorry about the ginormous pictures, not sure how to crop 'em down. Will be trying to figure that out next after I finish all my bios. >.<

Name: Primordial
Breed: Elemental horse
Gender: Stallion
Age: Immortal
Height: 18 hh
Coat Color: bay
Tail and Mane Color: Fire
Markings: N/A
Personality: Primordial is not one for words. When he speaks you better listen. If it's a possibility that his words will not effect anyone, he doesn't speak. So most horses that see him have never heard his voice, he speaks only to the pure of heart. Legend says that Primordial once had a mate, Epona, Lord of the Horses, but it has never been affirmed and she died many, many centuries ago.
Blueroanie's Fantasy Animals Elemental_by_vagabondqad-d34m1uc

Name: Fenrir
Breed: Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 328 years old
Height: 12' 10"
Personality: Untrustworthy, hateful, treats everyone with disrespect, never listens, very opinionated, doesn't understand the word 'no', and all around jerk that everyone hates. Great guy, huh? Wink
Picture:Blueroanie's Fantasy Animals Ice_Dragon_by_Ironshod

Name: Aditi
Breed: Dragon
Gender: Female
Age: 207 years old
Height: 11'11"
Markings: Neon blue tentacles on head, could be considered 'hair'.
Personality: Almost the opposite of Fenrir...almost. She is trustworthy, a great friend, can keep a secret, believes everyone has a good side, is a good listener, however can be hard to get to know. She doesn't give out much information and can be a bit edgy and mysterious, making others not so willing to trust her.
Blueroanie's Fantasy Animals Dragon_by_sandara
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