Warrior Topic: For All Who Hate Millie

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Warrior Topic: For All Who Hate Millie

Post by ❥ Destiny Styles on Tue Jun 14, 2011 10:05 am

At First I thought Millie was just help but when Graystripe asked Millie to be her mate I was seriously like WTH!

Reasons why I hate her [and probably Graystripe]

1. She is such a brat
2. Graystripe made his promise to stay/wait for Silverstream
3. She hasn't done a thing for the clan
4. She is the reason her daughter`s in the dark forest
5. Its all about Brairerlight
6. She does not respect Jayfeather though he works his a** off more than she ever will
6. She's Graystripes mate
7. She is a kittypet for Starclan's sake!
8. Kept her name.
9. Probably made Silverstream sad
10.stuck-up mouse-dung!
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