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Post by Spritz on Fri Sep 30, 2011 4:26 pm

Name- Lavara
Breed- Elf
Gender- Female
Age- 21
Powers- She doesent have many, but the ones she does have are very powerful. She is able to tap into other creatures thoughts, picking up on memories and wants. She is also able to control them, but rarley uses that skill, unless she needs to make something sound extremley perswasive. Besides that, she is able to use force to move objects from far away, and without touching them.

Looks- Lavara has a slim form, rather tall, but that is what most elves are like. She has long auburn blonde hair, that falls gently past her shoulderblades, and has slight waves in it. Bright green eyes, paired with soft pink lips, and delecate nose, she is very good looking to say the least. Her eyes are framed with thick black lashes.
Her usual clothing choices alter from that of an evening gown, when apropriate and available, to bloodied, scratched and battered armor, though that is her usual wear. There is rarely an instance when she doesent have some scrape or bruise, if not sprained or broken bones.

Personality- Lavara can be snappy at some times, not afraid to voice her opinion to anyone that wishes to hear. That opinion is always truthful, and isn't always nececarilly nice. She is stubborn, and doesent like submitting to athority, that usually ends up being wrong anyway. But, Lavara is also a very sweet person. She hates to see somthing inocent get picked on, hurt, or more, and will always defend the weaker. She is quiet when thinking, and stealthy in battle.

Armor and clothing-
Lavara. (OPEN TOPIC) Dragomir+Dark+Elf+Armor
Lavara. (OPEN TOPIC) 221
Lavara. (OPEN TOPIC) 1
Lavara. (OPEN TOPIC) 104340-hexenkriegerin-lederruestung-schwarz-female-witch-elf-leather-armour-black

Sword and other Weapons-
Lavara. (OPEN TOPIC) Angel_longsword
Lavara. (OPEN TOPIC) Dragon%20fantasy%20dagger%20main
Lavara. (OPEN TOPIC) Image
Her pic-
Lavara. (OPEN TOPIC) Warrior_female
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Post by themagus on Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:34 pm

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