Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone!

Post by themagus on Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:51 pm

I didn't make my welcoming post, so here it is!

Hey, you can call me magus, and well... i guess most of you already know me.
A little bit about me:
-Im from Israel, yes.
-Love mysticism, new age stuff and alternative medicine especially.
-Love to read, fantasy section.
Some of the books i read: Dragonlance series(15) and the Death Gate Cycle(7), Artemis Fowl(5), The Ledends of Drizzt(10), Lord of the Rings+The Hobit(4), Harry Potter(6), Wizards First - and Secound Rule(2 =P), Thud!, Good Omens, Retribution Falls, [looking at the shelves] and some more...
-Used to be a pretty big gamer (as in pc games), played a lot online, and many games, still play some, and from time to time try new games.
-New at roleplaying on forums, but did quite a lot of that on friends meeting, so im catching up.
Well, thats about it, you should know where to find me!
-I love swords!


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