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Post by Greed on Sat Nov 09, 2013 11:33 pm

- Day of the Battle -


The day is finally here, Loki thought joyously, his heart giddy with the prospect of final domination over the fools who thought they'd ever out-power the fool who thought they could trample him underneath their feet and force him to be their fleshly peace treaty. How dumb did they seem to themselves now? It'd been weeks of preparation, and he hadn't stepped foot in his 'homeland' once, honoring the commitment he made as the leader of the Jotuns' army. He was going to lead them into Asgard via the back passages he'd learned long, long ago, and he was going to seize Asgard and destroy it in blood and ice. And oh, how late this victory was, but how much sweeter it would be having been seasoned with time. So much time. And he planned on killing his father. He planned on not letting him escape with his life...perhaps Odin could be merciful at times, but Loki would show no mercy to the man who dared called himself so. He was no better than Loki was - at heart, they were both demons. Loki glanced over his shoulder at the army that stood at the ready. Perhaps it would've been easier for the Jotuns to fight here, but Loki had the advantage of surprise by using they back ways. And now was the time. Without so much as saying a word, Loki raised his hand, the scepter's deadly point glinting as he signaled for his troops for the day to move out.

With the secret passageways from realm to realm that Loki was as of yet the only one who knew of them, getting to Asgard unnoticed wasn't very difficult at all. The secret passageway let out on a small cliff near the Asgardian palace. It was, however, going to be interesting, getting an entire army of Jotuns from there into the palace. He knew it wasn't going to work in complete stealth, either. They were giants, for Odin's sake. Big blue giants. There was no way he'd hope to get them to the palace without being spotted. However, he had a solution for that, too. As soon as the army had let out onto the mouth of the cave, Loki raised his arms, to signal he was going to speak. To the group nearest him, he said, "Down to the right there is a pathway that will lead you to the dungeons of the palace. Take it. Free the prisoners. Two distractions are better than one," Loki ordered, standing out of the way as the select few Jotuns began to head down the unmarked path to go to the dungeons. Whether or not they were successful, Loki didn't care as much. It was likely they'd free a few, however, before they were stopped. Besides, Loki was going to bring the bigger distraction before the Asgardian guards thought to protect the prisoners. To the rest of the Jotuns he said, "Today, Asgard falls. Odin falls. I don't care who you strike down, just do not touch Odin - his blood is mine alone!" Loki growled out, "To the rest of you, a fourth of you go to the Bifrost. Remove Heimdall in any way possible, whether you kill him or not. The rest of you, we will take the road straight ahead," Loki paused to wave his arm in the direction he was speaking of, "And will go directly to the Asgardian temple. I am certain Odin has prepared an army to greet us readily, so be careful and try not to all die at once." Loki noted the few growls he got in response, but brushed them off. It wasn't as if he was going to bother with trying not to offend them. For now, they were his and their opinions held absolutely no meaning to him.

Loki raised the scepter and pointed in the direction of the Bifrost, the select few heading off and the rest of them beginning to march after Loki as he spun on his heel and began to go down the path. It didn't take too long before they reached the city itself and began walking through it. A bloodthirsty grin found its way onto his lips as screams could be heard from the people. As there very well should be screams - their prince was bringing Jotuns right into the heart of Asgard, and he was leading them. What a wondrous turn of events. Loki raised the scepter, the tesseract glowing blue as the lighting-like power shot forth from the tip of the golden weapon and struck down the man nearest him. Not a guard, just a regular citizen. The action sent others fleeing. The Jotuns behind him stood in their rows like good soldiers, only the flanking soldiers and soldiers on the edges of the formation moving every now and again to beat away a troublesome Asgardian. Loki's gait remained unchanged - confident and perhaps a bit faster than usual (but with long-legged Jotuns behind him, his faster speed really meant nothing). Flashes of blue light could be seen now and again, striking down anyone would dared get to close, men or women, Loki paid no heed. The thought flickered across his mind that after this he would never be allowed into Asgard again, but he wasn't planning to live long after this battle - if even through it. Dozens of people had already fallen 'in the name of Asgard,' by the time Loki was met with his father's army. Undoubtedly they'd moved forward when they'd heard that the army had begun its descent on Asgard and were striking down its citizens. Good little soldiers, the Asgardian army was, but they wouldn't stand long against the Jotuns. Even Thor and his companions had nearly been killed by them and their frozen touches.

As soon as he saw the golden shining armor of the Asgardian soldiers, Loki turned his head and nodded, "Fight for Jotunheim!" he shouted, immediately making a turn away from the army as the Jotuns stormed forward with battle cries loud enough to make his head rattle. Loki nodded, grinning before swinging around, his scepter neatly plunging through the chest of an Asgardian man who tried to tackle him. He shook the blood - and body - from the weapon and made his way through the streets, watching as shutters closed on houses as he strode past, taking the long way around to the entrance of the palace. Odin best be inside. He wouldn't have expected him to head the battlefront. He'd been in ill health before, and he at least thought it logical Odin would remain inside the palace until he was needed. After all, he had Thor, did he not? His prized weapon would go to the front lines for him, the only real opposition the Jotuns would meet. As soon as he reached the doors, the scepter's blue flash struck down the guards at the doors and he was about to open them before the doors swung open, people running out. Not armored people, simply people in rags. Prisoners, Loki thought with a wry smile, shoving one out of his way as he shouldered his way into the extravagantly built building. He looked around, watching as the guards inside scrambled to reach the doors. Fighting against the flow of Asgardian prisoners, striking a few down every now and again, he made his way into the halls, immediately becoming more stealthy, avoiding the soldiers running around inside, yet following a few of them before growling lowly.

"Odin!" Loki screamed at the top of his lungs, striking a nearby sculpture with the tip of the scepter, not flinching as it fell and shattered, scattering pieces of a once-beautiful thing into a mass of shards at his feet. Loki struck another decoration down, "Show yourself, coward!" Loki said in the same volume, glancing towards the doors that led into the throne room. He didn't know if his 'king' was in there, but if he was, he would hear him. And where was Thor? He hadn't managed to glimpse him at the front of the battle with the other Asgardian soldiers. Inexplicable anger surged within Loki. Today, his father would fall. As soon as he stepped out of wherever he was... Until then, Loki would destroy everything and everyone around him. As if on queue, another set of guards appeared, spears and shields and armor all clanking heavily around them. Loki grinned and set up an illusion of himself before ducking around a corner, the apparition of him dissipating as the first soldier went straight through it, spear-first, and Loki appeared behind him, driving the scepter's point through his neck, pulling back and turning the to the others. "Where is your mighty king now, Asgardians!? Your Thunderer?" he let out a bark of laughter, eyes filled with misplaced mirth, "Can you hear that, King!?" Loki shouted in the direction of the throne room, hoping his father was in there. If not, he'd return to his search. For now, though, he had guards to finish off. He allowed one guard to get close enough to graze his arm with his spear, turning on his heel to put the scepter through his back, the next soldier struck down with the tesseract's power, as was the next. Loki paused his 'dance' of dodging and thrusting when only one guard remained, a slight sweat beading along his forehead from the work he put into downing the guards with his heavy armor on. Blood splatters had found their way onto various places on his armor, some hidden amongst the black, others standing out blazing against the gold.

He had to give it to the Asgardians' soldiers...they fought against evil no matter the cost, even if they saw the hopelessness in fighting their enemy after watching their comrades fall one by one. "So," Loki said, licking his lips and tasting a small fleck of coppery blood, "Are you coming to me, or me to you?" he asked, grin widening as the soldier hesitated none in charging. The tesseract activated, hitting the soldier square in the chest and sending him flying backwards, skidding on the polished floors to where the throne room doors were. Loki looked around him at the bodies on the floor before looking behind him. He didn't hear the clank of armor. He was in the clear for now. Shaking his head and taking in a deep breath, he straightened, walking forward. I hope you see the bodies pile up, father, and I hope you know them. Knew them. Cared for them. And know all this death is upon your hands and yours alone! And in due time...your body will heap atop the rest of them. I give you my word.

[ My apologies if I powerplayed at all. Also my apologies for droning on into gruesome (well, they're not all that gruesome) parts and Loki's completely evil twisted-ness. This was so much fun to write~ Odin doesn't have to be in the throne room. He can be wherever you want; Loki is just outside the throne room xD so yeah. If he's not there, just please tell me where he is in your next post so I know? :3 Arigatou~ ]
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