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Post by Sammi on Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:34 pm

Stop This Pain Tonight ;; open
name; Fawn Marie Boisana
age; 19
gender; Female
hair; Long ; Blonde
eyes; Blue
relationship; single
faint story; She's a recent high school graduate, in fact, school just got out two weeks ago, she was a straight A student, a very intelligent young woman, and all the guys drool over her flauntless beauty. Throughout all of high school, she only had one boyfriend, he was the love of her life, but he left her as soon as high school was over, all because he didn't like her anymore, he had interest in this other girl. Fawn is heartbroken, and she fears she will never get over the sudden breakup, she often sits alone in coffee shops and tables outside in town, watching the world fade away.
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