Self Esteem lowering, very quickly

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Self Esteem lowering, very quickly

Post by Harley on Mon Apr 18, 2011 4:43 pm

]Hey guys, I just needed a place to let out my thoughts, and I don't have a journnal to do it in!!! And with all that had been going on, my friends in RL aren't being supportive. So this is my get away where people don't tease! They teased me about my name and intials.... I just wish my middle name didn't start with an A!!!!!!! I hate to sound petty or stupid, but they pretty much made me cry and they don't even care. Carli wasn't any help, she was a brat... so school life is plummeting along with how I feel about myself! Others are welcome to post there problems here to.

And most of the time, they leave me out of a lot of things, science tests, social studies test, reading test(Reading I don't need help with) and group with out me. Carli glares at me for no reason and just explodes at me for nothing, just because.... I stepped on her foot, and I do apologize
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