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N e x u s

The bright sun shone through the trees of what they considered "their" forest, lightening up the grass a bright light green color. One's full and muscular body moved through the bushes quickly, almost carelessly as he smelled the fresh morning air, his gorgeous amber/hazel eyes gleaming in the sunlight, with flecks of green in his orbs, almost like the fallen leaves of Autumn. Nexus padded quickly through the forest, his thick tail swaying side to side, and massive paws carrying him through the soft, but prickly grass underneath his pads. "What a day!" He exclaimed happily, sniffing the air for any trace of prey. He caught a whiff of rabbit, that lead down to the creek that separated the two packs. Rain Pack and Sun Pack. Nexus belonged to Rain Pack, and was proud of it. He quickened his pace, breaking out into a light run, dodging rocks and trees as he raced through the forest, his beautifully colored pelt swishing in the wind as it rushed past him, speed getting the better of the brute. Nexus was fast for his size and strength, making him was he was considered, a fortunate pack member. He was in the Warrior ranking, but the Alpha of their pack, Shadow, often considered him too carefree and fun loving for his rank. But he stayed a Warrior because of his excellence in fighting and battle tactics.


Nexus shook his head, and continued running, his large paws carrying him effortlessly through the forest. He could see the creek a distance a way, and a wide grin formed on his maw. Nexus picked up his already fast pace, surging forward and swiftly dodging rocks and logs, ignoring the cramps that began to burn in his chest and stomach. As he neared the creek, he leaped into the air, latching onto a tree branch with his jaws, and swung himself forward, yelling out, "Kalabunga!!!" and landing into the creek, which was about four feet deep. Nexus emerged from the water, water dripping from his chin, cheek, and nose. He looked up, only to see a fae was covered in the water he just splashed everywhere. His hazel eyes widened, the amber and golden flecks brightening in the sunlight, and with surprise. Nexus dragged himself out of the water, and shook his pelt out, droplets of water flying all over the place. "Sorry about the fae! Didn't see you there!" He called humorously, sitting a few feet away from her. It was then he realized that he was in fact, sitting in Sun Pack's territory, his own pack's worst enemy.

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Rain Pack Territory

Sun Pack Territory

Creek Dividing The Two Territories

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