Dragon's Flight (open) [R]

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Dragon's Flight (open) [R] Empty Dragon's Flight (open) [R]

Post by Tayssi on Wed Jun 20, 2012 5:22 am

Dragon's Flight (open) [R] Brom_and_saphira_by_hibbary

Name: Shakin & Raki
Age: 578 & 29
Gender: Both male
Species: Dragon & Human
Personality: Shakin, being an elder dragon, is usually very serious and enjoys silence. He can be very tempermental at times, but generally, he's pretty laid back. Shakin isn't afraid to fight and will stand up for his partner, Raki, no matter how much they argue with eachother. Raki is also a pretty serious guy when the time calls for it, however he likes to have some fun. He's a strong man, who isn't afraid to fight. On the contrary, Raki will fight and lay his lifeon the line for something he deems worthy. Shakin and Raki are both the dominating, leading type, so they often argue and try to beat eachother at everything. However, they make a great team who is hard to beat in a battle.
History: to come
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Dragon's Flight (open) [R] Empty Re: Dragon's Flight (open) [R]

Post by BubblesLegacy on Mon Jul 16, 2012 6:59 pm

Dragon's Flight (open) [R] White_dragon
Name: Luna
Age: 500
Species: Dragon
Personalty: Luna is generally a smart and silent dragon. Her intelligence will often help her chose the fights her and her partner, Celina will fight in. When in battle she is brutal and cunning, outsmarting her enemies then showing no mercy afterword. When with her partner she is a laid back and carefree.
History: She grew up in a forest alone. Doing everything she could to survive. When she was 480 years old she was founded by a 10 year old Celina and they became partners ever since. She currently experiences dreams of having a romantical partner and starting a family of her own.

Dragon's Flight (open) [R] Anime_girl_fav4
Name: Celina
Age: 27
Species: Human
Personalty: Celina is a carefree, sweet and kind girl. Don't her mad though because she has a short temper. Celina likes being with her dragon Luna. When she's in battle she outsmarts her foes in order to weaken them then attack. When she is with friends she is fun and humorous to be around and she is a loyal friend.
History: She was left in the forest by her parents when a evil dragon came and took over her village. she has been wondering the forests away from her village so she doesn't get herself killed. When she was 10 she met Luna. They became partners ever since and she is her only friend.
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