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*~+*+*~+*~+~*~+~*+~*+*~+*~Nikki's Bio+*+~*+***+*~+~*+~*+~+*`+*~*+~+*~*+~+*~+*~*+~+*~+*~+*~+*~+~*+*~*+~*~+*~+*~*+~*+~*~*+~*~*~*+~*+~*+~*~
*All about her*


Hair color-Changes Different colors with highlight and different things

Eye Color-Bright Blue Sometimes violet or Emreld Green

Hair style-Also changes

Has many powers-Can manipulate water and fire, Can Read minds, Can predict furture, Can change thoughts and feelings, Can track very easily, Very Fast, Can create different objects with her mind like wepons or basic things-

Birthday-April 25




Back Story-Did not Start well she never speaks of it


Temperment>Sarcastic-Hard-To-Get,Fearless,Solitarey,Rambuncous,Wise,Beautiful,Hypnotic(In both ways)Mysterious,Secritve,Shy to some,slightly harsh,vicous,

Theme song-Paper Gangsta lady gaga


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