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Broken (TooLateForMercy, Mature) Empty Broken (TooLateForMercy, Mature)

Post by Death Rules on Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:19 pm

I trotted through the forest in search of prey and soon I found a herd of elk. I crouched as low to the ground as I could with my large size, I didn't exactly blend in as I was white as snow, I had migrated down here from Alaska and was searching for my own territory and a mate to settle down. I turned my right side of my face more to the side so I could see the elk more as my left side I was blind because of a bad fight with another wolf had clawed across my left side and I ended up blind on that side but it didn't slow me down at all. I soon perked my ears as I saw a yearling elk come into view as I couldn't quite take down an adult with just one eye. I lunged forward, my muscles bunched together and flowed like water as I ran forward as the herd scattered in all directions but I kept the yearling in my sights as I growled and lunged into mid air and barreled into the elk and knocked it down with my shear size which was very large for a wolf. I locked my powerful jaws onto it's neck and brought it down but I kept moving my eyes even though I could see out of only one as I eyed the adults that were moving around and locked eyes on the mother and I snarled around the yearlings neck and stood and the mother ran off and didn't come back as I killed the elk and began to feed my hunger.
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