The Suffering (Pf-13, Open)

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The Suffering (Pf-13, Open) Empty The Suffering (Pf-13, Open)

Post by OctavianKirin on Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:12 pm

This world is filled with nothing but never ending potholes that scrape and scratch you, wear you down until you're nothing but a flat tire. This world feasts on you like a parasite, burrowing into the very privacy of your mid and exploiting it to the world. The world is nothing less than a crook, and nothing more than a glorious masterpiece. Of course, this world holds many beauties. I do have one question: Who defines beauty?
I have been described as beauty, but by others I'm horrendous. I'm called Goldie Locks by many because of my cascading golden locks that just glimmer like gold. My lapis lazuli eyes simply drown one in pure comfort and compassion, for even strangers just love looking deep into my soul. The shivers it brings me is indescribable. My flesh.. It's like a porcelain doll, I would say.
Enough about me! I feel like the selfish demon I was infused with. "Everyone has their demons. It takes a true soul to overcome their demons." My Father, how foolish he was. He let his own desires completely screw up my life. Now I cower in the shadows, forever a reject to this world.

Rain drummed against the cement streets, bouncing off the metallic costs of cars and soaking the passerby. She was clothed in a thick, woven sweater that weighed her down mightily. Her frail frame swayed left and right, her knees bent inward as her breath grew heavier while her heart flooded with blood. The puncture had caused internal bleeding, causing her lungs to forcibly clear themselves of the metallic fluid. Unfortunately, it went all over the cement sidewalk. She had to step to the side, or else the common people would walk her over like a doormat. She curled up near a shop window, the blinds pulled down as to not distract the customers from the inside.
Her pale hands trembled, her lips stained with the blood. She had a mortal wound within her chest, although it was feverishly bandaged and probably infected by now. In fact, upon closer observance, her face and bare arms were wrapped in dirty bandages that seemed to be plastered in mud. "Hel.. Help.." Oh her voice, how it revealed the pain that she kept all clustered within her.
Well, this is about my character Anastasia Winchester. She's a chimera, which some of you may know. Her body is infused with her beloved pet Komodo dragon, Draco. All this was done by her crazed State-alchemist father, Daniel. Her mother died of a horrible and untreatable disease, and her chimera side is slowly eating at her life.
I want the plot to be like, a steady relationship. Such as someone finds her, has to take her in since she has no home, and then a relationship builds between them. I won't go far to the point of sexual interaction, unless the other is comfortable with it xD
Without further ado, I won't make this any longer. Too da loo~<3
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